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    Official Rules
    Last Updated: 12/18/16

    Safe Zone Rules
    • No exploiting the Safe Zone in any way.
    • Do not rp within the Safe Zone. (No kidnapping, etc.)
    • Do not camp the outside of the Safe Zone to kidnap or mug people.
    • Do not run in and out of the Safe Zone to avoid rp. (Even if you are being killed or shot.)

    Main Rules
    • Do not disrespect other users or staff. This includes racism, using homophobic slurs, or generally being prejudice.
    • Do not mic/chat spam.
    • Do not exploit server bugs or glitches. Report them to a staff member for a reward [​IMG]
    • Impersonating a staff member is strictly prohibited and will land you an immediate ban.
    • Do not evade punishment. This may add on to your existing consequences.
    • Absolutely NO clientside scripting!
    • No vote kick/gag/mute/ban when a staff member is online!
    • Do not spam your camera.
    • Do not advertise other servers or communities.
    • Do not avoid the AFK system. You will be banned.
    • Do not spam the knock function on doors, cars, etc.
    • Do not attempt to crash the server. You will be instantly banned.
    • Do not argue over OOC chat. Contact an admin to handle your disputes or handle them yourself over PM / Steam Chat.
    • Do not place radios in the streets or in spawn.
    • Do not avoid the NLR system. This can result in a kick.

    General RP Rules
    • Do not RDM (Random Deathmatch). RDM is the act of killing a player with no valid reason. RDM can also be in the form of freeshooting (Shooting a player with no valid reason)
    • Do not break NLR. NLR stands for New Life Rule and means that you cannot remember details from your past life from before you died. You may also not return to your area of death for 5 minutes. This excludes dying from non-roleplay reasons such as killing yourself with a prop.
    • Do not random demote. Using /demote is not allowed while a staff member is online, and is only allowed to be used in valid reasons such as abuse of the job, or such.
    • Do not abuse your job. This includes using your job for personal gain and not using the job as how it was meant to be used.
    • No revenge-killing. Revenge-killing is the act of seeking revenge on your killer. This can also be another form of RDM.
    • Scamming is allowed but only up to 10k.
    • Do not meta-game. Meta-gaming is the act of bringing OOC (Out-Of-Character) information into IC (In-Character) with the purpose of benefitting yourself or another player.
    • Do not spam the lock function on doors or cars with the intent to slow down raiders or thieves.
    • The max amount of money you may mug for is 10k.
    • Do not FailRP. This includes failing to properly roleplay as a job within the margin of the rules. If you are a job, you must carry out that jobs specific duties and functions.
    • Do not body block unless it makes sense in the form of roleplay.
    • No laws exist without a mayor present. This means that the city is in Anarchy and everything is legal until a Mayor is elected and until he appoints laws.
    • Do not abuse the fading doors. This includes opening it with your keyboard when people are around, or spam opening/closing it preventing people from properly using it. If you need to open it when people are around, after walking through it make sure that you keep it open for at-least 3 seconds.
    You must advert the following:
    • Muggings
    • Raiding/Raid Over
    • Car Theft
    • Theft
    • Terrorist Attack
    • Kidnapping
    • PD Raid Raid
    • Assassination (If they want to kill the mayor)
    • Counter (Counter an action: Mug, Raid, Terror, etc.)

    Prop Rules
    • Do not prop spam. (Rapidly spawning props)
    • Do not prop kill. (Killing other players with props)
    • Do not spawn massive props. This can be seen as trying to crash the server, and you may get banned!
    • Do not prop block. This involves moving props in front of doors or entrances to prevent players from entering.
    • Do not prop trap. This is the act of trapping players using props, unabling them to move around freely.
    • Do not avoid rp by using props (Killing yourself with a prop, or prop pushing.)
    • Do not prop push / prop surf. This involves forcingly moving yourself or another player using a prop, whether it be surfing on it, or pushing yourself / a player with it.
    • Do not have more than 6 animated materialized props. This is to allow those who have a poor computer, to be able to play with a smooth performance on our server

    Raiding Rules
    • The time between raiding is 15 minutes. You may not raid the same person within a 30 minute period, however.
      You must advert your raids.
    • You are forbidden from raiding dealers right after you buy something from them.
    • Do not use a no-collided camera to see inside of somebody else’s base, knock down camera’s, or prop block them.
    • Do not raid the PD within 15 minutes of the mayor being elected into his job.
    • Gangs are not allowed to raid their boss.
    • You may not raid or mug as a dealer.
    • You are not allowed to raid those who have a building sign.
    • Raids cannot last more than 10 minutes. (This is to give time for bigger bases)

    Basing Rules
    • Bases must not be unrealistic or huge. Mega-basing is allowed, but you must be basing with at least 5 members or over.
    • Keypads must be visible from the entrance.
    • KOS lines must only be around your base, and cannot take up more than one building or area.
    • You may not claim public areas to be yours, and prevent users from getting to them.
    • You may prop block your entrances or your property, as long as you have a building sign up.
    • You may not have a building sign up, while printers are in your base.
    • You cannot build on the street, you may only place kos lines on the street.
    • You are only allowed to build on the sidewalks as a hobo.
    • You may only base in tunnels as long as there is a way for people to get to the other side of the tunnel.
    • You must have a minimum of five seconds for your fading doors to close.
    • No crouch bases.
    • You can only have a maximum of 4 fading doors per entrance.
    • Fading doors with buttons must be held open for three seconds after you open it.

    Job Rules


    1. Citizens are not allowed to raid.
    2. Citizens are not allowed to kidnap
    3. Citizens are not allowed to steal

    1. The mayor must lead the government jobs and assign them tasks.
    2. The mayor has to make reasonable laws. Legalizing bitminers is not allowed, but prohibiting/allowing all guns is allowed.
    3. The mayor can build in public places.
    4. Mayors cannot have illegal items.
    5. Mayor must base in the PD but can venture out to visit his citizens.
    6. No random lockdowns of any sort, please give a reason over "/broadcast".
    7. The mayor can not override the rules with the law board.

    Government Jobs (Police Officer, Police Sergeant, Police Chief, SWAT Officer, SWAT Leader, SWAT Sniper):
    1. Government Personnel are not allowed to own bitminers or drug labs.
    2. Government Personnel have to enforce the law and use the police department as their base.
    3. Government Personnel can arrest anyone for throwing bug bait, having illegal weapons, bitminers and drug labs.
    4. Government Personnel can shoot anyone for murder unless the suspect is acting in self-defense. This does not mean you cannot arrest them for illegal weaponry.
    5. Government Personnel always have to try to arrest first unless the individual poses an IMMEDIATE threat.
    6. Stun stick abuse or tazer abuse is not allowed.
    7. Weapon checking players randomly is not allowed. You may check players if you are CP and they are near the mayor or, if it makes sense in the context of roleplay.
    8. Arresting for no reason is not allowed.
    9. Warranting to check a house without any proof of contraband is not allowed. This also applies for weapon checking. Sparks from printers Do not count as proof. If your life is threatened or someone has told you of another players possession of contraband you may weapon check them.
    10. If you are pursuing RP (wanted person or persons) you may seize any and all evidence in the person or persons home as evidence. All drug labs and money printers must be destroyed.
    11. If a person is resisting arrest, you are allowed to use lethal force after giving them warning shots.
    13. Government officials cannot place hits.
    14. Please be careful, try to not arrest admins on their job if they are wanted.

    Mafia Leader, Mafia Member, Thief, Master Thief, Hacker:
    1. Waging a war on cops or on other gangs/mafia is not allowed in any way. This is now allowed
    2. Raiding the PD is allowed, but you may not sit in CP for more than 5 minutes.
    3. The Gang Leaders are the boss of all the Gang Members. Killing him as a part of that Gang is considered FailRP.
    4. Different Gangs may raid each other.
    6. Separate Gangs cannot raid together, base together or work together in any way.
    7. You cannot raid the mayor or put a hit on the mayor within the first 15 minutes of being in PD.
    8. You cannot mug or raid hobo's, hobo kings.
    9. If you just finished mugging somebody, please wait 15 minutes until you mug the same person again.
    10. The maximum amount you can mug someone for is 1k.
    11. Do not pickpocket AFK users.

    Gun Dealer, Black Market Dealer, and Drug Dealer:
    1. You must have a shop of some form.
    2. You must sell to everyone.(If RP reasons call for it, you do not have to sell to particular factions or peoples.)
    3. You are allowed to sell for any price within the scope of RP.
    4. You may not raid/carjack
    5. Switching to these jobs, buying the items and switching back to another job is not allowed. (Self-supplying) This also considered job abuse.
    6. You may have a gun for your own self defense.
    7. Two players with the same job may not base together. (EX: Gun Dealer basing with another Gun Dealer.) Bartenders are excluded from this rule. Two players can base to together with the same job, but need to be actively selling their products to the public.
    8. You do not need a gun license as a Gun Dealer to sell guns unless, the Mayor has added a law requiring you to have one.

    Hobo, Hobo Ninja, and Hobo Mayor:
    1. Take heed, BugBait,Bottles, and Shoes are all Automatic KOS. (Considering that bottles and shoes cause armor damage.)
    2. You may not spam bug bait on a person that would seem unacceptable in a RP setting. You must stop after a reasonable amount of time.
    3. Buying a house is not allowed. You must build a place in the streets.
    4. Hobos are not allowed to have any kind of weapon; However if a Hobo Mayor is present, then weapons are allowed amongst these classes.
    5. Hobos may raid if there is a Hobo Mayor present.

    Security Guard:
    1. You must attempt to be hired.
    2. You cannot help raid or defend raiders as a Security Guard. You guard bases, you do not raid people.
    3. You cannot be the mayors body guard, that title is reserved to the Secret Service.
    4. You may not have a "buddy" shoot the guns out of your hands and put them in your bank. No longer applicable.

    1. Your hit price cannot be over 10k.
    2. You are allowed to advertise your service, although it is not required.
    3. Hits on the mayor are only allowed after 15 mins of him being elected.
    4. You cannot accept a hit on the same person twice within 15 minutes of each other.
    5. Government officials cannot place hits. It is your responsibility to refuse their requests.
    6. Hitmen cannot order hits from each other.
    7. You need a VALID RP reason to place a hit on someone. Random hits are not permitted, and will result in punishment.
    8. Hitmen may only raid to complete a hit.
    9. You cannot accept hits on Mods or Admins on Duty.

    Cinema Owner/Theater Rules:
    1. No shock/porn/trolling/animal abuse/inappropriate videos of any-kind.
    2. Do not be a nuisance to others in the theater.
    3. Money printers and weapon shipments are not allowed in the theater.
    4. If you are selling tickets, the price cannot exceed $100.

    1. You cannot raid, or help your master raid.
    2. You may not purchase/own any weapons.
    3. You cannot steal/keep someone's money printers.
    4. You may not attack someone without reason.
    5. Pets are needed to be actively looking for an owner.
    6. If a pet attacks someone without a specific reason, he can be warned/shot.

    Radio DJ (Now home TV's and radios):
    1. Do not play ear rape music or sounds.
    2. Do not be annoying over the raido.

    Bank Security/Bank Manager
    1. You must only base in the bank, and protect the bank at all costs!
    2. You may not commit favoritism. This involves letting certain people take money from the bank.
    3. You yourself may not take money from the bank or bitminers you hold for users. This could result in a ban.

    Terrorist/Terrorist Leader
    1. You may only advert terror once every 15 minutes.
    2. Your terror may not last more than 10 seconds.
    3. You cannot kill people/a group of people you recently killed.
    4. You may not terror people who have building signs up (They must be actively building).

    1. You may not kidnap the same person more than once every 15 minutes. Although if someone breaks free you may attempt to re-capture them.
    2. You can only demand ransom up to 20k.
    3. You cannot hold people for more than 15 minutes.

    1. You may not raid.
    2. You can only protect your base. You cannot mug, raid, kidnap, etc.
    3. Children may only have pistols as a firearm.

    Militia Group (Militia Unit, Militia Sniper, Militia Leader)
    1. These jobs are meant for raiding, mugging, kidnapping, etc.
    2. All Militia members must be basing together.

    Medic, Combat Medic
    1. Medics are forbidden from basing with people. They must provide health to the public in either a shop or out in the open.
    2. Combat Medics are the only medic class that may base with people.[/list]
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