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    Caleb Garry's Mod Div Lead Division Leader

    Good afternoon,

    Some of you are aware that a DarkRP server is in the works, and should be up and be running in due time. While Blizzard and myself get that underway we will be seeking a DarkRP manager that has previous experience running and populating servers. This position will be filled by someone who has the time and know-how to run it. If you are interested please create a private message between Blizzard and myself giving a resume, short essay on why you're the best for the job, potential ideas on how it would be run, and telling us a little bit about yourself.

    I have been appointed Garry's Mod Divisional Leader and will be handling the duties that come with that position. While I was appointed to this position our good friend @Sebboh has taken over the duties of Jailbreak Server Manager. If you are interested in being a staff member for that please go to our Jailbreak subforum and fill out an application. Keep in mind this community is relatively new and looking for members and staff members to fill it up. Inviting your friends is a good way to show initiative, and show that you are a dedicated member.

    Moving on to a less than an optimistic topic, there has been a community harassing us for reasons unknown making us taken drastic measures in implementing an administrative screening process. We apologize to all those who have had to go through this process, but it is for the safety and sanity of all our members that this is done. We will be doing an investigation to get to the bottom of this and correct what has been wronged. One of the attackers has been identified and we have community banned him as well as looked into potential actions to prohibit them and their counterparts from coming back.

    Thank you all for reading this and taking interest in our community. I will continue to put updates out on behalf of Sentinel to keep everyone in the loop. Any questions may be directed to me via steam or pm over the forums.


    Caleb, Garry's Mod Divisional Leader
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